The 6 Coolest Online Games
for Kids (No Download)
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Play millions of MMO games created by users and let your imagination run wild! [Read More]

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Wizard 101

Wizards can learn spells, fight monsters & make friends for free in the magic Wizard City! [Read More]

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Solve quests, meet new friends & explore the amazing world of Star Stable for free today! [Read More]

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The strategy card game that started it all is on PC. Step into Arena and reward your skills! [Read More]

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players choice

Online multiplayer tank battles simulator made on the basis of the famous wars. [Read More]

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Join forces with fellow players in cooperative clan challenges as you seek glory. [Read More]

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Every kids’ dream is to create their own game - with Roblox, now they can! Join millions of other players online with one of the most creative, top-rated and popular games ever designed with kids in mind! Roblox is a completely free MMO experience with thousands of games to play in a large variety of genres. From RPGs to puzzles, racing games to adventure tales - and everything in between - there’s something for everyone! The best part is these games all suitable for kids ages 9 and up and can be played on PC, Mac, iOs or Android devices and even Xbox One completely at no cost or download required!

Roblox is different from other MMO games because it has a free, easy to learn, game design that allows players to create their very own games to share with their friends and other players, helping kids turn their videogame dreams into reality, teaching them along the way. With over 100 million users, the possibilities are endless. Players are granted near-complete control of their gameplay and characters. Let your kids’ imagination run wild! The game design software allows players to create and grow in a safe and educational environment, bringing the future of gameplay to your desktop.

Looking to just play? You don’t have to create to get in on the fun, kids of all ages will enjoy the games that are already available. In one game they could harvest a glorious farm, in another gain the secrets of Chess from the grandmasters, see the world in a new way or explore space in their very own spaceship - they could even learn the value of responsibility by caring for their very own virtual pet or build a pizzeria. Unlock your kid’s potential with this one of a kind and engaging world that is sure to provide countless hours of education and fun!


Most people aren’t so lucky as to receive a letter admitting them to a school of magic and wizardry - now they don’t need that letter! Wizard101 is the free to play MMO that every kid deserves! Set in the most magical of worlds, you will learn the age-old secrets of the most famous wizards that have come before you without the comfort of your desktop! After you have created your own unique wizard, with thousands of features to customize your character to your liking, you’ll be enrolled in Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in Wizard City, don’t worry - free tuition - where you will have the run of the school and all of the fantastic classes they have to offer! Under the guidance of headmaster Merle Ambrose, and his trusted pet owl Gamma, you will learn all there is to know about the magical world of Wizard City.

As a wizard in training, you’ll play fun games of skill and might, collect magical cards, participate in wizard duels and even get to test your new abilities in the wildest derby races you’ve ever imagined! A kid’s dream come true, this world is completely yours to explore and customize. From decorating your dorm room, filled with your very own pets, you can also fish, garden and create the castle of your dreams! Explore the many different lands such as Golem Court and Unicorn Way. Try not to get lost in the Haunted Cave or Cyclops Lane as danger may be lurking around every corner.

But as a wizard, it’s your duty to stop the evil Malistaire, the former Death School teacher, who is plotting to destroy EVERYTHING. Using your skills, and those of your new MMO friends - it will be your duty to stop Malistaire and his demons to save Spiral galaxy!

Star Stable

“Legend has it that the horses of Jorvik share a special bond with the islanders. Deep beneath the sea, an ancient force of evil known as Garnok has been resting since the beginning of time. In secret, the mystical Keepers of Aideen fight to keep the darkness away, and protect Jorvik from those who want to destroy its light. In times of despair, a sisterhood of Soul Riders will ride forth to protect the island from the evil that seeks to rip the world apart. It is foretold that a sisterhood led by a heroic and fearless girl will appear on horseback to bring hope and light back to those who believe that all is lost... Are you that girl?"

Beautiful horses and exciting experiences await as you unravel mysteries, make new friends and stop evil from attacking the island of Jorvik. Join one of the most exciting MMO RPG games ever created in this free to play desktop adventure that was made to celebrate the power of sisterhood! Create your player and choose your horse as you begin to unravel the dark secrets of Jorvik.

As you become a more experienced rider and train and care for your horse, you will be able to upgrade your stable and add more horses, all with unique abilities, to help you explore the island and solve the strange mysteries that are hidden throughout.

Exciting challenges await as you explore the world on horseback! Invite your friends to play and join you on missions, or challenge them to one of the island’s many competitions. And it’s not just horses on this island, Jorvik is home to many different and unique creatures like the Moonlit Magic Fox, the Ember Enchantment Cat and more! There’s no shortage of fun to be had with Star Stable!

Magic: The Gathering Arena

From Wizards of Coast, the creators of the very first card trading game, Magic: The Gathering, comes a completely new and exciting way to experience the original game, for free! Magic: The Gathering Arena supports real time play with users from all over the world! Connect with one of the largest and most popular MMO games ever designed! With dazzling card graphics and extraordinary effects, this is the Magic game you’ve been waiting for.

Each game represents a battle between powerful wizards, using spells, artifacts and mystical creatures to be crowned the grand champion! Reduce your opponents’ health to zero, before they can do the same to you! Build your very own special deck for each fight before you enter the arena and use your skills and knowledge to rise up the ranks and take your rival’s cards! Each player can have up to 30 decks with 60 to 250 cards in each - giving you endless possibilities to Outwit, Outplay and Overpower your opponent.

For those who haven’t played Magic: The Gathering, or if you just want to test out the strength of your new deck, no problem. With the help of Sparky, Magic: The Gathering Arena’s very own sprite, players will be guided through a tutorial of the arena for a few practice matches. Use these practice matches to test new deck ideas, new cards and new designs! Sparky will be there to give you advice and encouragement!

Kids of all ages and skills will enjoy the more than 5 different styles of free game play! The best part is you can do this from the comfort of your home on your desktop, no purchase necessary. Each different pack comes with 8 unique cards that help you in the challenge to become the most powerful player in the arena!

World Of Tanks

Move FORWARD TO VICTORY in one of over 500 war machines that World Of Tanks has to offer, all designed to resemble the most powerful tanks from the mid-20th Century! World Of Tanks is the free MMO game that over 60 million players are enjoying across the globe. With 5 unique classes of tanks that appeal to your particular game play. Customize your tank for speed, stealth and mobility in order to defeat your enemies. Battle the PC or online players on historic battlefields. With state of the art graphics and explosive sound effects, it’ll feel like you were experiencing the real thing.

With many types of free game play, including battles for team-training, tank-company, team, stronghold and even special battles, there is no shortage of fun to be had when playing World of Tanks! Communicate with your friends through text or voice to coordinate attacks on the enemy’s base or simply to take out their entire army.

Kids from 13 and up will enjoy putting the finishing touches on their armored beasts with the ability to select different tracks, guns, turrets, and engines or even attach your nation's flag. Those with an interest in history will marvel at vehicles from Britain, China, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, the Soviet Union, Sweden, and the United States - all designed with surgical precision.

Climb up the scoreboards as a lone wolf or build a clan of allies to assure your victory! Collect tanks from the light, medium, heavy, and destroyer classes or try your hand at operating one of the SPGs, self propelled gun tanks to get a bird’s-eye view behind enemy lines to destroy whole teams of your opponent’s forces. Each tank can be outfitted with special camouflage, shell ricochets, and upgraded to make you a lean, mean fighting machine!

Raid: Shadow Legends

Join leagues of other kids in this free to play fantasy RPG on your PC or mobile device! Raid: Shadow Legends is one of the most innovative games of its kind with stunning graphics, a gripping story, filled with exciting characters. In this turn-based RPG, your goal is to save the land of Teleria, which is now ruled by the evil Dark Lord Siroth, a foe who will stop at nothing to gain more power to control the land. You play as an ancient Telerian warrior who has been resurrected to defeat the Dark Lord and to restore peace and harmony throughout the land.

Look for the mystical Shards, which contain the souls of other ancient warriors, throughout the game to awaken your new allies. It will be your duty, and honor, to assemble a stellar team of these former warriors to help battle your way through the many realms and locations found throughout the land of Teleria. Using your ancient wisdom and superior fighting skills, you and your new clan must travel through castles, dungeons, deserts and temples - all guarded by enemies, and some possible friends - all in the hopes of returning Telerian to the great and magical peaceful place it once was.

You will come up against dragons, wizards, trolls and other fantastical creatures who are all trying to stop you from achieving your goal. But all is not lost - you will also be able to use the element of Silver, found throughout the world, in order to upgrade your skills, defenses, weapons and even promote your new warrior clan to higher achievements!

Many critics agree that the attack animations and environment design are some of the best ever created for a free to play game! Lovers of fantasy, magic and adventure will not want to miss it!